Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (2024)


Cookie Recipes

Some of the best cookie recipes are easy cookie recipes for cookie press. Surprisingly easy, you can make some of these cookies in a matter of minutes.

Good news for you, I’ve got 20 cookie press cookie recipes that you’re going to love.

Just keep reading and you’ll see so many options for making Christmas cookies with the cookie press and you’ll be ready to get bakin’!

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Tips to Make Cookie Recipes for the Cookie Press

  • Make sure to actually follow the recipe with cookie press cookies. I know that sometimes, if you’re an experienced baker, you can toss ingredients at a bowl and come out with something magical. But with these types of cookies, you’ll find that they’re a little more titchy, so stick with the recipe.
  • If your recipe calls for icing, that stuff is so finiky, you can mess it up, even if you follow the recipe to the letter. So, don’t get upset if you don’t like the consistency–just add a little more of the other ingredient to get it right. If you put just a smidge too much milk in royal icing, it can be too flowy–and while you can add more of something, you can never take something out. So, just be cognizant of that and make sure you’re taking care when making icing.
  • If you’re wanting to make these cookies for a cookie exchange party you’re driving to, be sure to pick a cookie that’s going to travel well. You might want to pack some of the more fragile versions into a tissue-paper filled box instead of just loose in the box. And be aware that any cookie with sprinkles on it is going to loose a few of those sprinkles when they travel, so just keep that in mind, too.


Cookie Recipes for the Cookie Press

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Spritz Cookies

Many of the traditional Christmas foods in Germany are sweets. German Christmas Spritz Cookies are one of those many. They are mildly sweet and perfect for eating a bunch.

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Holiday Spritz Cookies

It’s easy to make a LOT of small, buttery holiday spritz cookies for eating or gift giving, using an inexpensive cookie press to make festive shapes!

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (4)


Chocolate Spritz Sandwich Cookies

Cute chocolate sandwich cookies are just minutes away with fun spritz cookies. Sandwich some ganache frosting between them for an extra delightful dessert treat!

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (5)


Almond Spritz Cookies {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free}

Almond spritz cookies are the perfect balance of a bit of almond and touch of sweetness. This light and a perfectly crisp cookie is a Christmas cookie classic. It now can be enjoyed both gluten-free and dairy-free.

Spritz cookies aren't just for Christmas! Pull out that cookie press for Valentine's Day with these Valentine Spritz Cookies!

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Beautiful and Buttery Holiday Spritz Cookies

Learn how to easily decorate buttery spritz cookies after they come out of the oven!

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (8)


Gingerbread Spritz Cookies

Enjoy easy to shape, festive cookies with these Gingerbread Spritz Cookies! They're buttery, warmly spiced, and are great for cookie swaps and gatherings all season long.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (9)


Cookie Press Butter Cookies

Bake an edible bouquet for someone special! These delicious cookie press butter cookies use a cake mix as a short cut!The cake mix not only simplifies the preparation, but lends flavor and longer shelf life to the cookies.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (10)


Chocolate Espresso Spritz Cookies

Chocolate Espresso Spritz Cookies update traditional spritz cookies with barista-style flavor. Sandwiched with melted chocolate, these festive butter cookies are a mouthful of deliciousness.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (11)


Chocolate Spritz Cookies Recipe

German spritz cookies are also known as Spritzgebäck. Choose to make them chocolate flavored.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (12)


Danish Vanilla Wreaths (Vanille Kranse)

Danish Vanilla Wreaths are made with vanilla and almond, making them a perfect holiday tea-time snack!

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (13)


Spiderweb Sandwich Cookies

These Spiderweb Sandwich Cookies Recipe are easy-to-make and sure to be a hit during your Halloween parties.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (14)


Classic Buttery Spritz Cookies

These Classic Buttery Spritz Cookies are delicious and buttery Scandinavian holiday treats.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (15)


Spritz Cookies Recipe

Here are some really easy Spritz Cookies for the Freezer that you can make in bulk and keep on hand during the holidays!

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (16)


Homemade Sweet Treats, Spritz Cookies

Spritz Cookies that are some of the best homemade treats that are very easy to make.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (17)


Extra Buttery Spritz Cookies

Extra Buttery Spritz Cookies can be made into wreaths by placing half of a red or green maraschino cherry in the center of the cookies.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (18)


Classic Holiday Spritz Cookies

The Classic Holiday Spritz Cookies are so festive and a great cookie to have the kids help decorate!

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (19)


Chocolate Spritz Cookies

Chocolate Spritz Cookies are delicious anytime of year for all ages.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (20)


Vanilla Cardamom Spritz Cookies

Vanilla Cardamom Spritz Cookies go from your basic cookie to amazing treat with the addition of a little cardamom.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (21)


Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

Soft and creamy, these delicious cookies are perfect for a cookie decorating party!

Why Are they called spritz cookies

Essentially spritz cookies are butter sugar cookies that you run through a cookie press that turns them into shapes. These are very popular during the holiday season but that are so many different ways to make them.

The word spritzen is a German word that means squirt…. so it makes sense they are called spritz cookies once you know this.

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Cookies are chewy because of the moisture that get’s bound-up in the fatty ingredients like egg yolk, butter, oils and even in molasses that you find inside brown sugar. So, if you’re looking for a chewy cookie, you’ll want one that has high concentrations of those types of ingredients.

For more crisp cookies, like most cookie press cookies, you will not see as much


If you’re concerned about your cookie press cookies drying out after baking–or they’ve already dried out, the easiest solution is to put them in an airtight bag with a slice of bread, overnight. The moisture in the bread will leech into the cookies and viola! Your cookies will be amazingly moist.

For other types of cookies, I’d recommend maybe putting them in the microwave or other solutions. But because some of the spritz cookies have icing and other decorations, better save to just put them in the airtight container with the bread.

Cookie Recipes for Cookie Press (2024)
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