Broccoli and Farro Stew With Capers and Parsley Recipe (2024)



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Read your farro package cooking instructions. Some do say 10 minutes but many suggest longer and the differences depend on if it’s “whole”, semi pearled or pearled. Only pearled farro cooks in 10 minutes and even that you may prefer the texture cooked a little longer.


Great recipe; simplified instructions:1) For the paste: Chop finely the garilc, parsley and capers. Add red pepper flakes.2) Chop broccoli in small pieces and brown in a slick of oil. Reserve.3) In same pan toast farro, onion & salt. Add half of the paste, then wine. Cook 'til mostly absorbed, then add water and broth if using. Cook 10 minutes.4) Add broccoli and cook low all together until fork tender, about 8-10 minutes. 5) Top with the garlic paste and a drizzle of olive oil.

Larry Horn

Looks great. I'd consider adding several anchovy fillets at the beginning (for those so inclined), letting them dissolve with the garlic before adding the parsley and capers.


Very tasty. You can save time with the broccoli by cutting it small the first time and roasting briefly on a sheet pan while prepping the other ingredients. Served with grated pecorino and olive bread - delicious!

soup lover

This was delicious and fun to make. Nota bene: it has a LOT of fiber and as such may cause digestive responses noticeable to companions. ;)


Mushy broccoli bits was not my cup of tea, so when I make it next time I will not cook the broccoli twice, but keep it separate and just mix together at the end, with the cooked farro mixture. Otherwise, flavorful and easily adaptable. I added white beans.


Wow, the farro debates! Bob’s Red Mill pearled farro is ten minutes if you soaked it overnight, 30 minutes if you didn’t. Yes, pearled means without the husk. BRM web site says they lightly scratch the farro, which sounds semi pearled. (I didn’t know farro got itchy.)


Farro. I buy grain in bulk. Without a package & incomplete labels on farro dispensers, how is a customer to know which farro it is?Attn: recipe developers, please offer different cooking times for farro in its whole state. Cooking farro is tricky. Maybe it's time to develop a Guide to Cooking Whole Grains for those us who opt out of buying grains in single use plastic packaging.


It's a mistake to put the onions in at the same time as the farro and parsley-caper mixture. I had crunchy, half-cooked onions in my finished product. You gotta sautee those babies first!


We added lentils for an extra bit of vegetarian protein and it worked great!


Added grated lemon rind to paste and half lemon juice to stew at the very end. Served over roasted baby potatoes. Delicious!

Nancy in Queens

Beguiling recipe! Doublechecking: In your intro, I assume that "chile" refers to the red-pepper flakes?


Beautiful recipe! The caper-parsley-garlic mixture was delicious. We didn’t add the 2 cups of water based on some of the comments here and I don’t regret it. Used frozen broccoli that we roasted alongside vegan sausages while prepping other ingredients. I’ll definitely make again!


Is the farro pearled or in-pearled? The timing (and I think amount of liquid) would vary.


Made this following instructions and topped with burrata. Mine was a little more soup than stew but nonetheless delicious. Would make again but next time, I’d add the chopped up broccoli 5 minutes before the farro was done.

Amy Christine

Adding uncooked onions to a stew is a mistake. Everything here should be cooked separately. Sauté the onion and garlic together until soft and/or caramelized - when almost done add the white wine to the onions. Cook the farro separately until almost done - add half to the onion white wine mixture until the wine reduces. Steam the broccoli and then roast in the oven with a bit of olive oil for more flavor. Chop broccoli. Put together. Chop castelvetrano olives - add to the garnish. Delicious


I roasted the broccoli with some zucchini at the end and added that to the cooked farro. Also added a can of white beans. So good!

Natalie M.

Farro took much longer to cook than recipe suggested, likely because of pearled versus non pearled farro. I used tasty homemade turkey stock and really liked how it turned out.


I didn’t add the water, based on comments from others and found the 4 cups of broth to be a perfect amount of liquid. I also roasted the broccoli, as someone suggested to make that process less fiddly. After tasting, I decided to add half a preserved lemon for a little bit more acidity. Would definitively do that again in the future and play with adding lentils!Love the 10 minute farro from TJ’s! We always keep it in stock.

Susan PD

I used Trader Joe's 10 Minute Farro and made it more of a pilaf-textured side dish...delish! Would be good with mushrooms added too I think. Basically used a whole package of farro, sauteed it with the onion, added the wine and then a couple cups of broth. When it was almost done, I put the broccoli and the parsley-garlic-caper mixture back on top to heat up, and it was perfect. I love TJ's 10 minute farro and am always looking for new ways to use it so this was a winner.


Made it mostly as directed, but added cannellini beans to make a complete protein. It seemed a little one-note, so I added a tablespoon of Italian herbs. I did put the broccoli in for just 5. Next time, I might throw in some sun-dried tomatoes.


I was intrigued by this recipe upon reading it--high fiber, low saturated fat, & the promise of great flavor? Sign me up! I loved the broccoli technique right away & will definitely be doing that again, tossing it with some za'atar seasoning. While cooking the soup, I doubted it would come together, as it seemed over-salty/briny. But in the end, it was fantastic. My 9-year-old had a second helping, as did I! Served with broiled chicken, seasoned with S&P & thyme.


I did roast the broccoli in the oven bc I didn't have the patience to brown it in the pan. 10/10 delicious, my 3 yr old ate a whole bowl.


I used whole unhulled barley groats instead of farro, and that did provide a nice "bouncy chew" as the article says. Overall, however, it was not a great dish. Just meh.


I made this with a mixture of precooked Rye Berries and farro. I also added whole button mushrooms. So delicious… day 2 is always better as the sauce thickens a bit.

Audrey Nickel

Delicious! Note to self: Next time double the parsley/garlic/caper/chile mixture because it's really yummy and people will spoon a lot of it into their servings. Also use a good white wine, because it's a major taste-maker in this (I used a buttery Sante Archangeli Chardonnay)


The farro and liquid ratio didn't quite work for me. Ended up with too much liquid, cut up a sweet potato and threw it in to soak up some of the liquid. Very tasty otherwise, added some sauteed tofu slices to make it a full meal.


I agree, I didn't put in all the water to get a more stew-like consistency.


Roast broccoli. Add later so not mushy. Top with pecorino. Consider adding roasted sausages. Add lemon to garlic mix.


Did not like the flavor of this. Some aspect really bitter and the capers overpowered the other flavors. Couldn’t sort out how to fix except to add cheese. Sad.


Honestly, followed instructions to a T and idk how people love this so much. Just very bland. Nothing redeeming.

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Broccoli and Farro Stew With Capers and Parsley Recipe (2024)
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