How To Choose a Pickleball Paddle (2024)

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US with more than 36 million players joining the game in 2023. Last year, Major League Pickleball grew from eight teams with one event in 2021 to 24 teams and six events, with celebrity owners such as Kevin Durant, Naomi Osaka, and Heidi Klum joining in on the fun. As the sport has grown, the market has become saturated with equipment, making it difficult for players to choose the best pickleball paddle.

Luckily, Wilson has spent the last several years gathering feedback from avid picklers to develop three all-new lines of pickleball paddles designed to meet the needs of players at any level. While there are quite a few factors that affect the performance of your pickleball paddle, this guide will highlight the most important ones to help you determine which Wilson pickleball paddle is rightfor you.



Weight, material, shape, and handle/grip size are the most important factors to consider when choosing a pickleball paddle. These components are generally universal and apply to any paddle, regardless of the brand.

The weight of a pickleball paddle impacts player performance significantly. Heavier paddles offer more power, while lighter ones provide better control and maneuverability. Most pickleball paddles weigh between 7 and 9 oz but some can range from 6 to 14 ounces. We recommend choosing a paddle weight that allows for easy swinging without causing strain on the shoulder, elbow, or arm.

The construction material of pickleball paddles is also important. Most paddles use a carbon fiber (graphite) or a fiberglass composite material because of their lightweight properties. Carbon fiber enhances feel and control while fiberglass composite offers a bit more pop on each swing.

Paddle shapes fall into three main categories: wide, classic, and long. Wide paddles are shorter but more forgiving with generous sweet spots. Long paddles provide better reach and a tighter sweet spot for excellent power. Paddles cannot exceed 24” combined for length and width. Paddle thickness complements paddle shape. 13mm paddles are thinner for greater control and maneuverability while the thicker 16mm offer greater power on each swing.

Handle length and grip size are also crucial components of a pickleball paddle. Most grips fall between 4” and 4.25”. The right size allows for a small gap between the palm and fingertips when gripping the paddle.



Each of Wilson’s new pickleball paddles offers unique advantages to players at every level of the game. Beginners will find the most success with the Fierce lineup, especially the Fierce Team and the Fierce Max. Intermediate pickleball players can choose from any of Wilson’s three new lines, but should focus their attentions on the Fierce Pro, the Tempo 16, and the Blaze 13. Advanced pickleball players will benefit most from the Tempo Pro 16, the Blaze Pro 13, and the Blaze Pro 16.

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Wilson’s new line of Fierce pickleball paddles is designed for players who are stepping up their game. The paddles come in three different varieties, each with textured faces, longer handles, and 13mm thickness which produce a spot-on combination of spin, control, and power.

The Fierce line’s main feature is versatility, providing all-around performance and allowing players to adapt to any environment or style of play. The Fierce Team13 and Fierce Max13 paddles are ideal for true beginners, while the Fierce Pro13 is a great next-step option for players seeking more power and control.

Of the three new lines, the Fierce paddles feature the most eye-catching designs, including an exclusive collaboration with the NBA. Rep your favorite team on the pickleball court with Wilson’s NBA-themed Fierce Team13 available in official color and logos options for all 30 NBA teams.

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If you’re looking to take your game to the next level with a pickleball paddle for intermediate players, each of Wilson’s three new lines offers an option. The Fierce Pro 13, mentioned above, is a great option for players who are gradually increasing their time spent on the court. The Tempo 16 is for those with a firm grasp on the game who play 3-4 times per week and value finesse. The Blaze 13 is designed for hard-hitting tournament players looking to enhance power and spin.

The Tempo 16 allows players to command the court and set the pace of the game. It features a wider shape that provides an expanded sweet spot to maximize control and a minimalistic design with blue accents to promote calm and focus. A full carbon face on the Tempo 16 provides maximum touch, feel, and control while a 16mm thickness offers more consistency on impact.

If you value power over finesse and still consider yourself an intermediate pickler, the Blaze 13 is a great paddle for maximizing the power on your swings without sacrificing control. Its elongated shape and 13mm thickness are designed to emphasize the power behind each hit.

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Advanced players looking for the best pickleball paddles in the game should look no further than the Wilson Blaze line. These paddles are designed for aggressive, competitive players looking to hit harder and faster from anywhere on the court.

The Blaze Pro 13 and the Blaze Tour 16 both feature an elongated shape that promotes natural power with extended reach and red accents to inspire bold play. The handles are sized for two-handed backhands, and the foam-wrapped carbon edge around the entire perimeter increases the overall stiffness and stability of the paddles while expanding the sweet spot and reducing vibrations.

The Blaze Pro 13 features a raw hybrid surface for maximum texture and spin potential while the 13mm thickness is designed for power. The Blaze Tour 16 boasts a raw carbon surface and a 16mm thickness for added control.

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The Tempo Pro 16 is another great advanced pickleball paddle option. It combines the features and design of the Tempo 16 with the foam-wrapped perimeters of the Blaze Pro 13 and the Blaze Tour 16, allowing for greater control and spin with each swing.

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Wilson’s all new line of pickleball equipment includes paddles, balls, and bags. Shop the entire collection and follow @wilsonpickleball for all things pickle!

Updated January 29, 2024

How To Choose a Pickleball Paddle (2024)
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