G-Scan 2 Diagnostic Tool User Review and Comparison (2024)

OriginalG-Scan 2is simply the best diagnostic tool for the Asian vehicle sector (both car and trucks), plus new extensive coverage on European and U.S car lines. The new G Scan 2 offers superb value for money, yet has the OE heritage and pedigree not found in most other aftermarket tools.

Part 1:

G Scan 2 Basic Review and Video Guide

Part 2:

G-Scan 2 User Review

Part 3:

Gscan 2 vs. Carman vs. Launch

Part 1:

GScan2 is very simple to use, and read. The new screen is very effective, even in the sunlight. Updating is simple also, and G.I.T. offer three major updates every year.

This new tool now offers the option of a fast 4 channel oscilloscope and professional multi-meter that simply snaps onto the back!

Product and System Features:

  • System and DTC Auto Search
  • Screen Capture and Memo
  • Great DTC definitions
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Touch Screen
  • New 7″ Sunlight readable LCD
  • Oscilloscope function (optional)
  • J2534 Pass-Thru
  • 24v Commercial Vehicle Support
  • Fast Graphing Display
  • Smart Update system

What a lot of people do not realize is how good this tool is on American ranges too. See these videos:

Ford Coverage Video

GM Coverage Video

DPF Regeneration on a VW Passat.

NATS Programming Video(Nissan Anti Theft System)

You can see the full detailedG-scan 1 and Gscan 2 Vehicle Coverage List Jan 2016

or download the full product brochureG-Scan 2 brochure

Part 2:G Scan 2Review


I tested some of vehicle makers via G-scan 2.

Toyota, Nisan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Fuso, Hino, UD diesel functions are OK.

Not tested EU vehicles. BMW and VAG Group. But VAG group will support that functions if you know that correct adaptation channel number.

Tested model was, Hiace, Hilux, Land cruiser, Navara, X-trail, Patrol, Triton, Mazda3,6, BT-50, D-MAX, Rodeo, N, F, C Series trucks, Canter, Fighter, Hino300, 500, PK, MK…


Depends on Hyundai and Kia, G-scan2 will be best solution in now and future. Because they are OEM maker for that maker. No scan tool can’t follow their develop speed and value.
And honestly, G-scan is very powerful on Asian trucks. Just test on Euro5 Isuzu, Hino, Fuso. Except OEM tool, no other scan tool can’t make a job for this present model. And about Hyundai trucks? They are OEM, no need to discuss.


My first preference would be the g-scan2 because its fast and easy to get into the different modules and with the previous vehicle button its very neat


I bought this Gscan and is fantastic on Asian cars….It is 1st company for latest updates on Subaru Toyota Lexus and is better than main dealer for hyundai and Kia because developers of this tool are ex kia and hyundai engineers…..
Tool boots up in 7/8 seconds and is ready for diagnostic and has external batteries.


The G-Scan is phenomenal. The best selling scan tool in Japan and original OEM for Hyundai and Kia motors. its great on huyndai and kia,chevrolet,Korean models,ford,europe and usa,,japanese car ok,

Part 3: GScan 2 vs. carman vs. Launch vs. Others(AUTO-i 700, Autoboss etc)

I have both scanner. I have Carmanscan many years ago and after 2008 they have very bad software and I buy G-Scan. I was not too much impress with G-Scan, only Kia and Hyundai is OK but all other models is Poor. I expect more for Asia car but I don’t get, I was finish job with X-431 Launch. When Carmanscan start this year with very good software, My scanner was again born and Now Best scanner for Asia cars is CARMAN but as I say only with last software 1240-1270-1271
Software before is poor same.

I honestly don’t think brands like CARMAN and LAUNCH will allow G-SCAN to decimate it’s products, if G-SCAN claim they are the best, then i believe LAUNCH X431 and CARMAN will come up to scratch. i have looked at LAUNCH software on some ASIAN vehicles recently, like toyota, nissan , mitsubishi….., i can see improvments taking place in some areas, especially toyota. And LAUNCH price drops in recent times, CARMAN continues to be a good too.

Launch is same good for Asia, Europe cars but not like Carman for Kia and Hyundai. Different is small but my list will be Carman Lite,Launch X431, G-Scan

Choice is your.

I used almost every scan tool for my job.

Depends on Hyundai and Kia,G-scan 2will be best solution in now and future. Because they are OEM maker for that maker. No scan tool can’t follow their develop speed and value.

Carman scan ‘was’ Hyundai and Kia’s OEM scan tool maker. That is the reason of good quality for ‘Old’ model only. If somebody can’t believe this, please scan their new models. Can’t support fully function on presents vehicles.

I agree some of EU brands is poor but Asian brand is much better than other scan tool. I saw much more special function in this scan tool for Asian makers.

And honestly, G-scan is very powerful on Asian trucks. Just use latest version(Oct. 2012) and test on Euro5 Isuzu, Hino, Fuso. Except OEM tool, no other scan tool can’t make a job for this present model. And about Hyundai trucks? They are OEM, no need to discuss.

I test 3 units, G-Scan Carman Lite and X431 Diagun.
For Asia cars Carman Lite is No1 (only with New version 1270 and higher), Launch X-431 and after that G-Scan. I was surprised because I present this unit on exhibition and after this result I STOP with presentation.

G-Scan is only good for Kia and Hyundai but not for other models. G-Scan work good but not like Carman, as I say please check and then write.

I resell both and have tested both , bottom line you will need both , ask me why , CarmanScan use to be Kia & Hyundai OEM dealer tool from 1996 till 2006 after that it’s G-Scan but not so many people noticed Carmanscan becoming poor in coverage with Kia & Hyundai untill early 2009 when we started to see many new models from Kia & Hyundai , right now many technicians and mechanics still deal with 2006 down still need CarmanScan that is when talking Kia & Hyundai after 2009 +- will need G-Scan , but do not be fooled on other Japanese and Korean CarmanScan is still needed even on latest models . CarmanScan is still many technicians best tool + it’s robust , i normally advise old customers of CarmanScan once they visit to buy G-Scan to keep their CarmanScan the funny thing they never listen and sell their used CarmanScan Lite only to visit again to buy another one after they’ve discovered reality the hard way.

The Gscan2 is more frequent with updates compared to the Carman Brand and the Gsan the tool I use the most every day. Carman updates a few and far between. go for Gscan . but if you want a scope buy the Gscan 2 with no scope option and buy a Pico, Its better value for money.
To ad to the above comment about Kia & Hyundai, They are not ex but current software programmers and the Kia & Hyundai is generally the next years models as the software is the real deal.

G Scan has been on sale in New Zealand for just over 18 months and so far it’s been a real hit. G Scan’s strength really does lay in the Asian market at the moment and has been the #1 besting selling scan tool in Japan for the last 3 years. Being in New Zealand the majority of used vehicle sales are ex JDM imported vehicles and this makes the NZ car market one of the most diverse in the world. and for that reason alone G Scan has proven it’s worth over here, Most of it’s abilities (for JDM) are near OE spec (It come pre loaded with both KIA and Hyundai dealer software) and it really excels in late model Common Rail Diesel (Toyota Hilux/Hiace 1KD-FTV, Isuzu D-Max 4BB1-T, Mitsi 4M44-T) just to name a few. and then the Australian specific vehicle coverage is fantastic as well (Holden Commodore/Vaxuall Monaro? Ford Falcon).
In New Zealand the biggest selling scan tool has been the Hanatech, but like the older Carman’s their technology is old and really needs an update of spec. Carmen has had limited success but the word over hear is that their parent company in Korea is in major financial trouble. Bosch for NZ is a waste of time and too expensive, Autoland is just about to be re-release over here and is very good at European, OK at JDM but lacks any Australian specific (Which NZ has a lot of).
Snap On is very disappointing and expensive (more so when you have to keep buying their keys).

G-scan 2 for sale: US$2000

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G-Scan 2 Diagnostic Tool User Review and Comparison (2024)
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