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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on USPS fingerprinting, where we delve into the significance of this essential service, In a world where security and identification are paramount, the United States Postal Service (USPS) takes its responsibility seriously.USPS fingerprinting services have become a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of various processes. Whether you’re applying for a job at USPS or needing fingerprinting services for other reasons, understanding the process is vital.

The USPS hiring process can be tedious, from thorough screenings to fingerprinting. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising since USPS occupies the same branch of government as the presidency.

If you’re on your route to becoming a USPS employee and want to know more about fingerprinting, this piece explores it all!

What Can I Expect From the USPS Fingerprinting Process in 2023?

The USPS fingerprinting process in 2023 is expected to ensure secure identification verification for various purposes.

This process may involve capturing fingerprints electronically using advanced scanning technology. The fingerprints collected will be cross-referenced with databases to check for criminal records or other relevant information.

This process aims to enhance security measures within the USPS.

Please note that specific details may vary, so it’s always best to consult official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Why Does USPS Fingerprint its Employees?

USPS legally requires you to perform a background check on all new employees, and one of those processes is taking your fingerprint. The United States Postal Service takes fingerprints to check all applicants’ criminal history and ensure they’re eligible for the position they’re applying for.

How Long Does the USPS Fingerprinting Process Last?

There’s generally no fixed time for the USPS fingerprinting process to be completed. It depends on several factors, one of which is how backed up the agency (USPS) is.

However, once USPS sends an email notifying you that you’re invited to get fingerprinted, you’re expected to show up within a few days.

USPS will give you time and dates to choose from so that you can comfortably and conveniently get your fingerprint taken.

In some cases, applicants must go to a USPS post office far from their location to get fingerprinted. This is mainly because the post office near their location doesn’t offer fingerprinting service.

Getting your fingerprints takes only a few minutes, but USPS might ask you to show some documents during the process.

Once you’ve been fingerprinted, the next thing is to wait – we’re sorry to say it’s probably going to be a long wait!

Within that time, USPS will run a background check to see whether or not you’re fit for the job. If the USPS location in charge of your background check isn’t too engaged with the application, you’ll hear from them within some days.

However, if there are many applications, they might take weeks to get back to you.

Does USPS Fingerprinting Require Appointment?

Yes, an appointment is needed for USPS fingerprinting. You will be sent an email saying you’ve been invited for the next step of your hiring process, which is fingerprinting; then, you’ll be given time and days to choose from.

If an emergency comes up and you can’t make it on your scheduled date, contact USPS and see if they can reschedule your appointment. But you should try and make it on the scheduled date.

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What is the Next Step After Fingerprinting?

Once you get your fingerprints taken, you’ll be curious to know what’s the next hiring process.

What to do immediately after fingerprinting is to wait while the USPS HR Team runs a background check and assesses your application documents.

If your background check comes clean, you’ll likely receive an offer from USPS!!

The following email you’ll receive from USPS could be the job offer, which will be sent with a W-2 form to fill out, after which you’ll be given an orientation.

In some cases, USPS orients its applicants during the fingerprinting process. While in some cases, the applicants will be introduced first and receive their job offer immediately.

How Long Does it Take to Hear From USPS after Getting Fingerprinted?

As said earlier, there’s no fixed time when applicants can hear from USPS after getting fingerprinted.

If the postal service isn’t super busy and there aren’t many applications, you’ll hear from them within days. On the other hand, if they have a lot on their table, it might take weeks or even months before they’ll get back to you.

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What Kind of Background Check Does USPS Do?

When USPS takes your fingerprint, they’ll begin a state or federal background check on you.

Depending on your state of residence, there will be a database that the USPS can use to check your criminal history, past employment, and credit history.

If USPS want to perform a background check on you, they’ll search the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database for any pending charges or criminal convictions.

The USPS requires all employees to pass their background check, which goes back five years.

What if I have a Criminal Record?

There’s no need to panic; if you’ve been convicted of a crime before, you should mention it when applying for the position rather than allow USPS to find it out.

Having a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean USPS won’t employ you. The stringency of your offense, how long it occurred, and whether you’ve passed through rehabilitation are among the factors that influence USPS’s decision to hire you.

What I’m I Required to Bring to the USPS Fingerprinting Appointment?

When going for a USPS fingerprinting appointment, you’re expected to bring a valid photo Identification, like a passport, driver’s license, or state ID. You’re also required to take your USPS fingerprinting invitation to the location.

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What if USPS Rejects My Fingerprint?

If your fingerprints got rejected by USPS, you’d be asked to take another fingerprint. If your fingerprint were rejected severally, you’d need to back off the USPS hiring process.

Does USPS Accept Livescan?

Yes, USPS accepts Live Scan Fingerprinting, a digital fingerprinting process that uses an electronic plate to capture your fingerprints electronically.

This type of fingerprinting is done by fingerprinting agencies like Certifix and is directly sent to the agency. Live scan fingerprinting is an error-free process with no ink mess or smear.

Does USPS Require Identity History Summary Checks?

An Identity History Summary check is a form of FBI background check usually done for positions requiring a high level of security.

Suppose you’re applying to work with USPS. In that case, they won’t require an identity history summary check except if you’re applying for a position that requires a high level of security like mail handler or postal inspector.

How Often Do USPS Employees Get Fingerprinted?

All USPS employees are required to be fingerprinted as part of their hiring process. After that, they’ll be re-fingerprinted every five years to ensure they don’t have a criminal record.

Can I Go to any Post Office to Get My Fingerprints taken?

No. You can’t just go to any USPS post office to be fingerprinted. Some selected post offices offer fingerprints; you can use the USPS map finder to find your nearest location.

You can also get your fingerprints taken at a law enforcement agency or an approved fingerprint agency like Certifix. After your fingerprints are born, they get sent to USPS for a background check.

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