15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Shopping for Clothes (2024)

Clothes, we all wear them but while some people spend ages deciding what to wear, others couldn’t care less as long as the clothes are practical. Clothes are an everyday necessity, but what does it mean when you dream about shopping for clothes? Should you take the dream literally or does it have a deeper meaning?

Dreams are rarely literal and the same applies to a dream about clothes shopping. What the dream means depends on how you feel about clothes and shopping for them in your waking life and your life circ*mstances. It also depends on the exact shopping scenario in your dream.

In this article, you will learn how to interpret your dream about shopping for clothes and what you should do next.

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What Do Clothes Mean to You?

As mentioned above, the dream’s meaning depends on how you feel about clothes. Do you love shopping for new clothes or does the idea of going to a clothes shop send shivers down your spine? Do you enjoy choosing different outfits or do you just put on the first thing you happen to grab out of the wardrobe?

How you dress can reveal a lot about your personality. You can use clothes to show you belong to a “tribe”, a group, or a culture. You can also use clothes to change how people see you. A quick change of clothes after work and you go, for example, from an office worker to a goth.

But clothes don’t only affect how others see you, they can change how you think about yourself, too. You can use your clothes to help you place yourself where you want to be or what you want to become. Clothes can change your mood and how you behave.

So before you read the dream interpretations below, spend a moment defining your relationship to clothes.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Shopping For Clothes?

Now that you have defined your relationship to clothes and how you feel about shopping for clothes, it’s time to move on to the interpretations. If you can remember the details of your dream, it can help to find the most specific meaning.

Try to remember things such as whether you were shopping for a specific item of clothing, whether were you happy, was your shopping trip going to plan, or whether you struggled to find what you want. However, if you cannot remember details, don’t worry, you can still interpret your dream with the help of the more generic meanings below.

1. Change Your Life

You might have a dream of shopping for clothes if you feel stuck or bored in your waking life. The dream represents your desire to start afresh and there is no reason you couldn’t. Determine what aspects of your life you are not happy with and start improving them.

2. Reinvention

Shopping for clothes dream can reflect your desire to reinvent yourself. You are not happy with where you are or who you are and your inner self knows you can do better. Focus on your good qualities and release anything that no longer serves you. Aim to become the best version of yourself living your best life.

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3. Fear of Change

This dream can also mean that you fear change and do not want to get outside your comfort zone. This is a likely interpretation if you felt unhappy shopping for new clothes. Your subconscious mind is sending you a message that you cannot stop change. Let go of your fear because ultimately the change will be for the best.

4. Good Luck

Clothes shopping dreams can be a good sign of potential financial improvement especially if you were in a large clothes store with an extensive selection of clothes. Your dream may be preparing you for good fortune ahead of you so you will use your newfound wealth wisely.

More Detailed Dream Scenarios

If you can remember details from your dream such as what you were buying or the color of the clothes, you can often gain a deeper insight into the dream’s message. Below, you will find common clothes shopping dream meanings explained.

1. Trying On Clothes

When you are trying on clothes before you buy, it means that you have an important decision to make in your waking life, but you are not sure what to do. The dream suggests you should try different approaches and look at them from different perspectives. Don’t let anyone rush you but take your time and listen to your instincts.

2. New Clothes

Shopping for new clothes means the start of a new chapter in your life. You are ready to discard your old ways of thinking and acting and make changes for the better. This dream is a very positive sign because it means you feel ready and confident as the new phase begins.

3. Second-Hand Clothes

A dream of buying old clothes can be a sign that you feel inadequate. You might feel that you don’t have the skills to succeed in life. Your subconscious disagrees and is telling you that you can be successful. You just need to make more of the resources and talents you have.

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4. Clothes You Cannot Afford

Buying clothes that are out of your price range is a bad omen. It means that you are living beyond your means and cannot continue with your current lifestyle. Adjust your spending habits now, before you get into big financial trouble or even poverty.

5. Someone Else Decides What You Should Buy

A dream where another person is dictating what you can buy is a warning dream. It means that there is someone in your real life who is trying to manipulate you. You must be on your guard and take steps to regain or keep control of your life.

6. Choose Anything You Like

If you can choose anything you want from the clothing store, this is a good sign. It means that you are feeling great about yourself. You have all aspects of your life under control and you are being your true self.

7. Nothing Fits

If you are trying on clothes but nothing fits, it is a sign that you feel uncomfortable in a real-life situation or that you are trying hard to fit in and gain the acceptance of other people. This dream shows you have low self-esteem and instead of trying so hard to fit in and be accepted by others, your need to love and accept yourself.

8. Returning Clothes

This dream means that you have regrets over something that happened in the past. You probably said or did something that led to setbacks or issues with a relationship. You cannot change what has already been done, but you can change what happens next. It is time to make amends.

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9. Window Shopping

If you are looking at clothes in a shop window, the dream represents something you want but cannot get. It can be a reminder that we don’t always get what we want for a good reason. Not everything we want is good for us. Alternatively, the dream can also be a sign of obstacles in your waking life.

10. Color of the Clothes

What color the clothes are can be significant to the interpretation. If you are shopping for clothes in a range of colors, it means that a lot is going on in your life, but you are managing to juggle it all.

Green clothes may mean that you are jealous of someone or that someone is jealous of you. If you feel jealous of other people’s life or possessions, let the feeling go. It will not do you any good. Red clothes may mean a lack of passion in your life or a passion ignited depending on your life situation and how you felt about buying red clothes.

The color black is often associated with grief so a dream of black clothes may mean that you are grieving the end or loss of something or someone. Grief is a process so give yourself time. White clothes are symbolic of purity and innocence, while yellow clothes may be a sign of success and wealth.

11. The Item you Buy

What clothes item you buy can also affect the meaning of the dream. Here are clothes that often appear in clothes shopping dreams.

  • Dress: Buying a new dress in a dream can be a sign of success, prosperity, and moving up in the world.
  • Inappropriate Clothes: This dream is a sign of anxiety. Perhaps you are afraid of revealing too much of yourself to others.
  • Underwear: A dream where you are buying underwear can mean that you are fighting for your relationship. It can also be a symbol of your dissatisfaction with an aspect of your life.
  • Uniform: Buying a uniform is a sign that there is a lot of confusion in your life and that you desire to have more order.
  • Wedding Dress: If you are single, the dream means you are ready for commitment, while people already in a relationship are ready to move to the next stage.


A dream of clothes shopping can give you a lot of insight into what is going on in your mind and life. They can give us a clue about thoughts or issues we might be trying to repress in our waking lives. Such dreams and their interpretations are always personal to the dreamer and by acting on the dream’s prompt you can improve your life situation.

Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of what your dream about shopping for clothes means. If you would like to ask us anything about these dreams, write your question in the comments box.

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